Crisis communication

Caught in a shitstorm, hit by a breakdown or a digital virus attack? All companies can end up in a crisis. It can harm both the business and the corporate reputation. How and how much depends on your crisis communication preparedness.

Is your company ready for crisis?

When crises strike, both corporate reputation, production and business are at stake. The best defense in a crisis is a good plan and smooth communication infrastructure. Many crises can be avoided, but when it can’t, preparation, insight and clear and precise communication is key to a soft landing.

Need urgent crisis management?

In a case of a crisis, we are ready with emergency communication and reputational first aid, so you can act quickly, clearly and competently.

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Crisis management

At Harbinger Public Relations, we prepare and build a crisis-ready culture that prevents and minimizes crises in the day to day reputation work. We identify potential crisis scenarios, train media spokespersons and tailor a script with hands-on step by step action plans

Our other core competencies

At Harbinger, we create strategic and operational communication solutions that strengthen companies' media visibility and corporate reputation both on product, business, and community level. Learn more about how we work here: