Corporate reputation & positioning

At Harbinger, managing our customers public reputation is our most important job. We solve important and real challenges with communication and strive for mutually rewarding relationships with all stakeholders, so that authenticity, legitimacy, and credibility are in place.

A good reputation is an insurance

With a good reputation, you are in many ways in safe haven. A good corporate reputation is the sum of the perception of you and your company as good, truthful, and credible. A good reputation acts as a buffer against the first blows of a potential crisis, because the company starts on a positive note - even in an over-communicated world, where a social media post or an article in a newspaper can start a storm.

A good reputation requires coherence across disciplines

The good reputation cannot be begged, borrowed or stolen, it must be earned over time, and it can just as easily be destroyed, if you do not step carefully and purposefully.We know a great deal about communication and how your actions can and will be perceived. We can help your company create a positioning platform and bring internal communication, stakeholder and media relations, social responsibility, and business strategy into balance, so it contributes positively to your overall reputation.

Our other core competencies

At Harbinger, we create strategic and operational communication solutions that strengthen companies' media visibility and corporate reputation both on product, business, and community level. Learn more about how we work here: